I Believe...
  • I believe everyone deserves an amazing life filled with love, great sex, pleasure and possibility. 


  • I believe in do-overs and do epic shit!


  • I believe divorce (albeit difficult) can be a gift. Yes, you read that correctly...a gift!


  • I believe there is always a different way to look at something.


  • I believe it takes a village and it's time to embrace the phrase, "I need help".


  • I believe in a new you, a new perspective, and a new life. 

Are you ready? 




First of all, thank you for being here. And congratulations on being brave enough and curious enough to dig deeper into this adventure I call A Life Reimagined.


What's my story?  

My adulting journey "officially" started in the United States Air Force, where I served as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and Combat Medic during Operation Desert Storm. A couple of professional pivots (and twenty-five years later), I found myself facing one of those Holy Sh*t-How did this happen??? moments. I was in my mid-forties, unhappily married, and suddenly faced with making the life-altering decision to undergo a double mastectomy and hysterectomy to save my life... Yup, F*cking Cancer!


I made it through a year and a half of multiple surgeries and a household move that would be our sixth one in five years. When I came out healthy on the other side, I vowed never to waste another moment of my life. I'd been given a second chance. The message was loud and clear. I had two amazing children, but as a stay-at-home mom the past fifteen years, I'd let my work experience and professional credentials lapse, making me irrelevant in any field I had ever worked in. Even worse, I'd fallen asleep at the wheel of life, my needs, and all the pleasure and sensations of the journey along the way. It wasn't easy, but I made the scary decision to leave my crumbling marriage and somehow figure out how I'd make it on my own.


My divorce was messy and VERY costly, both financially and emotionally. I fumbled through the paperwork, the internet advice, and I gave up a lot of my rights so I could end the struggle. It took years to resolve, but even worse, it took years off my life, but in the end, the lessons I learned left me wiser and gave me a perspective that only first-hand experience can provide. 


Post-divorce, I started the adventure called dating. I tried the various apps, went on countless dates, and even had a post-divorce relationship that introduced me to the world of pleasurable possibilities. Along the way, I moved in with menopause and learned how to be a sexual being again. Sex and feeling pleasure for the first time in almost twenty-years was invigorating.  Through chance, divine intervention, God, or whatever you call it, I met some incredible teachers in the field of sexuality along the way. The impact on my healing and pleasure piqued a curiosity that sent me on a quest for more knowledge and the tools to share my discoveries with others. 


From nursing to divorce and sexuality...

Nursing was an excellent foundation for somatic bodywork, but it wasn't enough. I decided to advance my studies in Integrative Psychology and Sexology, obtain multiple coaching certifications, and learn alternative techniques and modalities for physical and emotional healing. My learning continues. I anticipate it will be a life-long journey. Shouldn't it always be?


It's within all of life's transitions and tragedies that the magic happens...In the spaces between the next(s), the sh*t-shows, the uncharted territory, the pain, and the body tingling-feel good-oh yeah moments!  Trust me when I say it's never too late!


It's your time... Let's conjure up some magic together! 


Affiliations & Certifications

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists
Gateless Writing Method Certified Instructor

There are multiple ways to connect with me. You can reach out via email to with any questions you may have, book a complimentary discovery session, or call me directly at:  888 | 705-2009  


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