Why do you need a Sexuality Coach?



If you hesitated saying yes, or even said, "Meh, it's not bad," then you can benefit from working with a Sexuality Coach.

Sexuality Coaching is an exploratory process that can assist individuals and couples in the following areas.

(This list is just a sample of the possibilities available when working with a Sexuality Coach.)

  • Reconnect with one's sexuality.

  • Learn tools & techniques for communicating and advocating for one's desires.

  • Explore new areas of sexual expression and connection.

  • Learn how to be a more skilled lover.

  • Understand consent and how to safely practice Kink.

  • Explore alternative and energetic practices of sexuality.

  • Collaborate in the healing and processing of sexual trauma.

  • Address sexual dysfunction.

  • Learn your Erotic Blueprint™ and how this impacts your sexual expression and sexual experiences. (A coach must be licensed to teach the Erotic Blueprints™)

What will my partner think?

I'd love to tell you your partner will think it's the best idea you've ever had. And hopefully that is exactly what they say! Unfortunately, the topic of sex often brings up deep rooted shame, disgust, confusion and anger in people. Partners who may have never exhibited these intense emotions around sex before may be triggered by the slightest suggestion that you want to work with a Sexuality Coach. They may suddenly feel broken and defensive assuming that if you're seeking the help of a professional, then they are somehow responsible and not providing you with what you need.

Now, that may be partly true, however it's important to own your desire to grow sexually and emotionally as an individual, and even share that your hope is this growth will benefit you as a couple. Inviting your partner to join you in this exploration and presenting it as an adventure in sexual expansion and play, versus fixing something that is broken, is more likely to garner their support and willingness to engage in the process.

Do I have to be in a relationship?

No, you do not have to be in a relationship to work with a Sexuality Coach. Regardless of your relationship status stepping into your own sexual expansion and connecting with your desires, Erotic Blueprint™ and your sexual being will only make you a better lover to yourself (most important!) and lay the groundwork for more pleasure filled relationships the rest of your life.

How do I start?

Finding the right coach to embark on this style of coaching entails several considerations.

  1. Confidentiality-Are your conversations private and built on trust?

  2. Connection-Do you feel the coach understands your needs?

  3. Credentials-Are they trained or licensed in the areas you need support in, and are they willing to provide resources in the areas they aren't? A good coach adheres to a code of ethics and standards that include knowing the scope and boundaries of their skills and training.

  4. Clarity-Has the coach provided you with a pathway to discovery and created a roadmap that leads towards your goals?

Sexuality doesn't have to be all serious and "heavy". Pleasure is our birthright! However, it can be buried under deep layers of shame, trauma, limiting-beliefs, and years of religious and social programming. Having a skilled professional who can accompany you on the journey and navigate the fun, pleasure, and sometimes messy layers of the discovery is essential. It's important for you to interview the person you are considering and likewise, they should be interviewing you. Turning away a potential client is never easy for me. However, if I don't feel we are a good fit it doesn't serve either of us to move forward. And if you doubt the relationship between the coach you are interviewing and you, nor should you.

I always offer a complimentary Discovery Call before working with any client. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities of working together you can book one below. Let's have a chat and see what this journey can look like!

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