Smooth this luxurious aromatherapy lotion over your body to experience sensual massage powered by essential oils. As hydrating as it is sensual, this indulgent lotion is perfectly formulated for seductive full-body massage with moisturizing shea butter, soothing lavender, and calming chamomile, leaving your skin silky-smooth and oh-so-touchable.


If oils and staining are a concern, you will love this massage lotion. Won't absorb as quickly as regular lotions, nor will it pour off the body like oil is prone to do. Mild scent, and luxurious to the touch. 

HēLi - Lavender & Chamomile Massage Lotion

  • Creamy aromatherapy lotion with hydrating shea butter and sweet almond oil

    • Infused with lavender and chamomile essential extracts
    • Lavender essential oil is known to help relax and soothe the body
    • Chamomile essential oil is known to calm and help reduce anxiety

    • 4 fl. oz./120 ml


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